Options for the ScanPro series of microfilm scanners

Auto-Scan® Pro

AUTO-Scan has a proven track record

AUTO-Scan is desktop, automatic scanning software for 16mm, 35mm and cartridge(M) roll film and can be used on both the ScanPro 1000 and the ScanPro 2000. It has been on the market for over five years and is the desktop scanning software of choice used by libraries, archivist, genealogists, corporations, government agencies and service bureaus around the world. Users of this software report that it is easy to use, offers time saving features not available with any other software and has a track record of reliability. It is reported that hundreds of millions of microfilm images have been scanned using AUTO-Scan.

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PowerScan Productivity Suite

PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) is a group of OCR software tools for working with microfilm. What makes this possible is having licensed and incorporated ABBYY fine reader OCR software into our PowerScan software. Many researchers pick the ABBYY OCR software for speed and accuracy. We get a lot of positive response for this software package (sold as optional software).

We’re revolutionizing the way you use microlm. With the ScanPro’s new OCR technology you can search for words you select, link directly to information sources, copy selected areas as text to the
clipboard, or convert your entire microlm image to word searchable PDFs, all with a single click of the live image on your view screen. These OCR features are available as the PowerScan Productivity Suite. This optional software can be added at any time to yourScanPro 3000, ScanPro 2000 or ScanPro 1000.

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Digital Microfilm Carriers

Library Quiet™ Digital Microfilm Carriers 

The ScanPro Film Carriers are considered the best in the Industry for precise film positioning. There are combination carriers for all film formats.

There are four microform carriers that are available with the ScanPro scanners. There is a flat film carrier and three combination carries to choose from. All of these carriers are tested and aligned at the factory for precision performance (no obsolete or used carriers are provided with the ScanPro scanners).

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