Microfilm Scanners for all microfilm types

ScanPro® i9300


Utilizing proprietary technology, the ScanPro i9300 finds your blip the first time with exceptionally accurate searching. The machine’s precision is bolstered by its unique PRECISION-Guide film rollers, which tightly control the microfilm’s movement, ensuring the most precise image search. In addition, the ScanPro i9300 is a universal scanner that can read and scan ALL microfilm types — not just image-marked. This one machine allows you to utilize your entire microfilm collection.


The ScanPro i9300 offers the most precise image search on the market. Using proprietary technology, it senses every batch, file and page with incomparable accuracy. Standard features on the i9300 further enhance your work. FOCUS-Lock technology ensures that your film image maintains focus throughout the optical zoom. SPOT-Edit allows live image editing of selected text and pictures while all other areas remain unchanged. The AUTO-Adjust tool automatically straightens and crops the on-screen image and properly adjusts for brightness and contrast, making your mage clear and easier to work with. Some patrons have referred to this as the “magic button,” but we assure you, no magic is required. 

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ScanPro® 3000

The ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner features a 26 megapixel camera, nearly twice the optical resolution of any microfilm scanner, which provides customers with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry. The optical resolution is over 500 dpi on a letter page and saved and files are both archival-quality and small in size.

With a single click, the on-screen magnifier lets you view text and image detail at up to 800%.

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ScanPro® 2000

The ultra-compact ScanPro 2000 is a universal scanner that features high-resolution optics and fast, high-resolution scanning at all magnifications. It has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper and can easily fit into almost any location. Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets you automatically locate selected words on your microfilm and and to link to secondary sources of information when doing research. And with a single click you can create word searchable PDF's. The REMOTE-Access feature, standard on all units, makes that information accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, using a PC with an internet connection.

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ScanPro® 1100

The Microfilm Scanner that is built for public use, provides powerful features and is easy-to-use.

Track record of performance and reliability. The world's leading universities, libraries and private companies have been choosing e-ImageData microlm scanners over the competition for more than 20 years. No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of innovation, performance and reliability.

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