Digital Microfilm Carriers

Library Quiet™ Digital Microfilm Carriers 

The ScanPro Film Carriers are considered the best in the Industry for precise film positioning. There are combination carriers for all film formats.

There are four microform carriers that are available with the ScanPro scanners. There is a flat film carrier and three combination carries to choose from. All of these carriers are tested and aligned at the factory for precision performance (no obsolete or used carriers are provided with the ScanPro scanners).

The ScanPro microfilm carriers are built for public use.

The microform carriers supplied with the ScanPro scanners use heavy gauge steel construction throughout and steel bearings on all moving parts. These carriers are used in microfilm conversion applications and in public use applications. A customer recently reported "Our ScanPro's are constantly in use by the public, they just get hammered and they just keep working".

Digital controller provides precise film positioning.

These motorized combination carriers utilize a digital micro controller to precisely position the microfilm image on the view screen. The state-of-the-art design of these microfilm carriers makes it possible to position the film image without requiring the use of manual knobs found on old style carriers. These precision controllers make look ups and research faster and easier. A researcher using one of the old style carriers recently stated "having to go back and forth between on screen controls and the manual knobs found on some carriers to position the screen image is frustrating and time consuming".

We have been asked why we have put so much effort into developing a precision carrier. Well, it makes for a better product, it lasts much longer and provides for better location of the microfilm image on the view screen. We developed these precision microfilm carriers right from the start so that we would have a carrier that could be used as a platform for automatic scanning.

  • Fiche carrier (this is an oversized carrier that can also handle, ultra fiche, jackets, aperture cards, micro opaques and slides). All combination carriers include a Fiche Carrier.
  • UCC160 Carrier - Combination fiche and manual 16mm/35mm roll film carrier. Rugged built, low cost, multi format film carrier.
  • UCC310 Carrier - Combination fiche and motorized 16mm/35mm roll film. This is the most common carrier used in library and research applications.
  • UCC410 Carrier - Manual and motorized roll film carrier for fiche and motorized 16/35mm roll film and (M) cartridge film. This is the same carrier as the UCC310 combination carrier but with the added ability to handle (M) type cartridge film (this carrier is not available for the ScanPro 1100).
  • The ScanPro film carries utilize a flat straight film path to minimize any chance of film damage.
  • The ScanPro film carrier are designed to be “Library Quite™” for use in study and research areas.



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