Auto-Scan® Pro

Auto-Scan® Pro

AUTO-ScanĀ® is the Desktop Scanning Software of Choice in Libraries, Corporations and Service Bureaus

AUTO-Scan has a proven track record

AUTO-Scan is desktop, automatic scanning software for 16mm, 35mm and cartridge(M) roll film and can be used on both the ScanPro 1000 and the ScanPro 2000. It has been on the market for over five years and is the desktop scanning software of choice used by libraries, archivist, genealogists, corporations, government agencies and service bureaus around the world. Users of this software report that it is easy to use, offers time saving features not available with any other software and has a track record of reliability. It is reported that hundreds of millions of microfilm images have been scanned using AUTO-Scan.

AUTO-Scan has outstanding capabilities for scanning microfilm

AUTO-Scan is the fastest and most accurate desktop microfilm scanning software on the market. The AUTO-Scan software uses intelligent algorithms for locating each image, straightening each image, cropping and removing unwanted borders. You can even elect to have each image adjusted for best brightness and contrast before the scan is automatically saved in the file type you have specified. No other scanner on the market can provide these capabilities.

Demo Version of AUTO-Scan

We highly recommend that you evaluate AUTO-Scan with your own film using the demo version of AUTO-Scan that is included on every ScanPro install CD. Some film is difficult to automatically scan and we want to make sure that you know how AUTO-Scan works with your film before committing to a purchase. There is a no refund policy on AUTO-Scan so the evaluation step is very important.

  • The best in fast and accurate scanning.
  • Works with positive and negative film.
  • Scan 16mm/35mm and cartridge(M) film.
  • Scan in the Forward or Reverse direction
  • Scan the entire roll or select number of pages.
  • Automatically straighten each image.
  • Crop and remove borders.
  • Automatically adjust brightness and contrast.
  • Select the file type for saving scans.
  • Automatically name each scan.
  • See each images as it is scanned.
  • Select the folder wanted for saving scans.

How AUTO-Scan Works

The AUTO-Scan software operates with the micro positioning capability of the UCC300 and UCC400 roll film carriers, These roll film carriers are considered the best in the industry for accurately locating and positioning each microfilm image. The software automatically moves the film image into the viewing area, positions the image on the view screen, stops the film, straightens the image, crops the image and saves the image to the specified folder in the selected file format. And, then continues to the next image until finished. AUTO-Scan doesn't require your film to have "blips" for scanning.

Demo AUTO-Scan

Remember to use the Demo Version of AUTO-Scan to evaluate the software using your own film before committing to a purchase. The Demo software is available on every install CD and can be used at anytime.

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